Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage

Whether you have chronic or temporary back pain, or simply need to unwind from the chaos of life, a professional deep tissue and therapeutic massage could be just the remedy you need.

Serenity Massage has built our reputation as the preeminent massage therapists in Glendale and Mesa, AZ, by helping alleviate our client’s pain and stress, and helping them stay loose and flexible through our services.

Life is too short to allow back pain or tightness to impede you from doing the things you love. Our techniques will help you get back on your feet, and allow you to finally get a good night’s rest again.

Please contact us at your convenience to schedule an appointment for a therapeutic massage.


In Office - $65 for 60 minutes :: $95 for 90 minutes
Outcall * - $75 for 60 minutes :: $105 for 90 minutes

*Additional travel fees may apply.